Composing with Media Project

Initial blog post due: July 9

Propose 3 readings to Katrina (in order to choose one): Thursday, July 15 and 16 (three people per day meet with me)

Teaching/Leading: July 21-23 and 27-29

Final Reflection / Rationale: due within two days after teaching

As we will talk extensively about during this class, new media is always changing, but also too always drawing upon media that preceded it. In this project, you will choose a new media platform to lead the class in composing with, and then lead a discussion reflecting upon.

To this end, you will choose a new media platform, select a reading for everyone to read before class that day, lead us through composing in that medium, and lead a discussion on the rhetorical possibilities in that medium.

As with all the projects, your composing with media project should be accompanied by a rationale that discusses the choices you have made and how they advanced your goals. Also, reflect on how the class time went – did people take up the medium in expected ways? What ways do you think about composing in that medium differently now? This rationale should be about 800-1000 words.

As with your projects, your leading the class should:

  • Be well suited to the class. Think about what people might already have experience with (Facebook), think about what they might not need experience with (creating daguerrotypes). Your medium might be digital (infographics) or it might be analogue (knitting). What would be fun for us to play with and think about for an hour? What would challenge our thinking?
  • Be soundly engineered — teaching is much like creating a multimodal project. It happens over time, so be intentional and thoughtful about sequence and pacing – how can we start well, play and work in the middle, and end well?
  • Be specific and achievable—don’t expect to say ‘go play’ or ‘go discuss’ and your time leading us to be over. You have insights and interesting questions to think about – help us consider them through the ways you ask us to interact.
  • Be cohesive — your hour with us should ‘hang together.’

Things I will think about:

  • You are not a trained teacher – yes! but we’ve all taught people something. And you know this medium and have chosen it for a reason – how can what we do ‘map onto’ that reason? Also, I can help you as you design what we do – you just need to ask at least 3 days beforehand
  • The reading you pick doesn’t have to be a journal article – but it should reflect intellectual rigor, help us consider the medium we play with, and be generally thoughtful and worth the time to read. If it is a longer piece, ask us to read an excerpt.

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