Monday, July 27 – Composing with Twine


  1. Which of the five stories were most engaging to read in terms of choices offered (not literary merit)?
  2. Which made a deeper impact: the number of choices or the results of the choices?
  3.  How could you use a platform like Twine with regards to your advocacy projects?

[notes on our conversation!]

Homework (from Gordon)

  1. Read Scratch: Programming for All.
  2. Explore the projects that have been submitted to the Scratch site: Try to spend at least 15 minutes looking at different projects (obviously you can spend a lot more time if you wish).  It may be useful to change how the projects are sorted.
  3. Pick a project that you found particularly unique when compared to the other projects you viewed or a project that surprised you in some way.  Make a blog post with a link to this project and a few notes about why you picked it.  Be prepared to discuss your choice in class.

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