Wednesday, July 30 – Wiki Work and Talking through Ideas for Advocacy Projects

First, Wiki work!

Post your 3rd and final WAM wiki page. Link within the wiki, and provide hyperlinks out to resources as necessary. Also, make sure you follow the Style Guide!

Then! Advocacy Project Arguments (getting feedback from each other): 

Sam: ” children with learning disabilities should be given a wider arena to show their potential ” –> Feedback

Katie: “animals are going extinct – here’s why you should care, and here’s what you can do about it”–> Feedback

Lauren: “high school kids aren’t prepared for college” –> Feedback

Zander: “corporations should be responsible for bettering society. corporate social responsibility needs to be extended so that large corporations are spearheading massive social programs to relieve poverty” –> Feedback

Monday, July 27 – Composing with Twine


  1. Which of the five stories were most engaging to read in terms of choices offered (not literary merit)?
  2. Which made a deeper impact: the number of choices or the results of the choices?
  3.  How could you use a platform like Twine with regards to your advocacy projects?

[notes on our conversation!]

Homework (from Gordon)

  1. Read Scratch: Programming for All.
  2. Explore the projects that have been submitted to the Scratch site: Try to spend at least 15 minutes looking at different projects (obviously you can spend a lot more time if you wish).  It may be useful to change how the projects are sorted.
  3. Pick a project that you found particularly unique when compared to the other projects you viewed or a project that surprised you in some way.  Make a blog post with a link to this project and a few notes about why you picked it.  Be prepared to discuss your choice in class.